Show Case

This is the page where I will show case the best in Slot car.

Firstly, a must for any Slot car nut.

Slot Car News

Finescale Modeler


What Slot Car. 

Watch as a new track is being built by AAWSCC



Little Bromley. RIP.


White lake formula 1 ring. an AC2CAR track









This is by a guy from Detroit, SFI nick name of Thib. It’s a well worth read, even though it’s 25 pages and lots of photos and commits.  It’s a BIG Track. again AC2CAR.

12_13_06bThe 2nd track is by a girl who lives in Oz. Her SFI id is Ember.

The Tiny Tyers Targa Saga.

TyersTargaA good 28 page read. But well worth it.




Next up a by a guy I know. Lets build a Rally track.  by AAWSCC on SFI.



Now this guy knows his beans. A great Blog. Slot Car News


HOW-TO: Rally Scenery Track Piece

If you feel you have something to show case, please send a reply below with details.