Wheel inserts


Making wheel inserts for the Pioneer Dodge Charger.

I wanted to race this beast. But needed something a bit smother on the rear. Wood track painted with Polyurethane. So swapped out the std axle and gear for a Slot.It. main reason here, I can play with gear ratios for a better run on our club track.  So,  Slot.it wheels it also had to be.  Had to keep her looking as close to original as I could.20130127_140212


Okay, So remove rear axle,and tyres from wheels.  Find an old axle that fits sungly into hole of the wheels. And glue into place. Then fit the other end of the axle into a Dremel.  20130125_160520

Using a file, File away the hump, take your time.

Then with a sandpaper, start to sand down the wheel untill you get close to the diameter you need. 20130125_162438 Use a gauge to find the internal diameter as in photo to the left.

Wheel should fit snugly over old plastic wheel.  Now using a sharp 20130125_16370320130125_162340knife, spin up dremel and hold blade to wheel as in photo, making sure you have 20130125_163735as much of the new insert for the wheel. Like the photo to the left.










You will end up with something like this.  20130125_163852 20130125_163943                                Now cut the boss off

and clean up using a drill. as photo to the left, you may not even have to do this. Fit insert to wheel, it it sticks out, clean up. Getting the new wheel insert out of the wheel, use a smaller axle, or as I do, a small allan key.



The end result.




So, which is the original and the one I made?