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If you download from this page, Please leave a comment. I would like to hear from you. You may see something I have missed.  Thanks.

Scalextric Fans. The Ultimate XL spread sheet listing most Hornby car.  C 1 to C 3460 and lots more besides.

Down load here

This is a spread sheet that I put together.  For those moments when you need a motor, but not sure which?

Avant, BRM, Carrera, H-R, MB, Ninco, NSR, PM, Scale Auto, SCX,, Slottingplus, Typhoon. It’s not complete by any means, so you can update as and when.
Down load here:- Slot car motor info  as an XL file







PHOTOS not included with this DL. For full DVD see here.

NSR information. Warning. This is BIG. 50Meg. Price list, Mosler info, 8 pdf’s
Down load here:- NSR info


Theoretical top speed = Motor rotation / Gear ratio x Wheel circumference

Or just DL the Spread Sheet and insert the numbers in the green boxes.

(Click on photo below to start DL).



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